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The Mystery Bookshelf Titles

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Author Title, Series, Date
Aaron, Relentless Topless, Non-series, Sep-09
Abbott, Jeff Collision, Non-series, Jul-09
Albert, Susan Wittig The Tale of Briar Bank, Beatrix Potter (5th), Sep-09
Alderman, P. J. Haunting Jordan, Non-series, Sep-09
Alexander, Hannah Sacred Trust, Sacred Trust (1st), Aug-09
Alexander, Lawrence Rubicon, Non-series, Jul-09
Allan, Barbara Antiques Flee Market, Trash and Treasures (3rd), Nov-09
Alpert, Mark Final Theory, Non-series, Jul-09
Alt, Madelyn Where There's a Witch, Maggie O'Neill, Bewitching (5th), Jul-09
Andrews, Donna Six Geese A-Slaying, Meg Langslow (10th), Nov-09
Andrews, Donna Cockatiels at Seven, Non-series, Jun-09
Aoyama, Gosho Case Closed, Volume 32, Detective Conan, Nov-09
Ardai, Charles and Gabriel Hunt Hunt Through the Cradle of Fear, Non-series, Jul-09
Armstrong, Kelley Living with the Dead, Women of the Otherworld (9th), Aug-09
Atwell, Sarah Snake in the Glass, Emmeline "Em" Dowell, Glassblowing (3rd), Sep-09
Atwood, Russell Losers Live Longer, Payton Sherwood (2nd), Aug-09
Bain, Donald and Jessica Fletcher Murder, She Wrote: A Slaying in Savannah, Jessica Fletcher (30th), Sep-09
Baldacci, David Divine Justice, Non-series, Sep-09
Banks, L. A. Cursed to Death, Crimson Moon (4th), Sep-09
Barbieri, Maggie Quick Study, Alison Bergeron (3rd), Nov-09
Barclay, Linwood Too Close to Home, Non-series, Jul-09
Barnes, Linda Lie Down with the Devil, Carlotta Carlyle (12th), Aug-09
Barr, Nevada Blind Descent, Anna Pigeon (6th), Oct-09
Barrett, Lorna Bookplate Special, Booktown (3rd), Nov-09
Barton, Beverly Silent Killer, Non-series, Sep-09
Bauer, Sydney Alibi, David Cavanaugh (2nd), Jul-09
Baxter, Cynthia Murder Had a Little Lamb, Reigning Cats and Dogs (9th), Oct-09
Beaton, M. C. The Walkers of Dembley, Agatha Raisin (4th), Aug-09
Beaton, M. C. A Spoonful of Poison, Agatha Raisin (19th), Sep-09
Beaton, M. C. The Potted Gardener, Non-series, Jun-09
Bebris, Carrie The Matters at Mansfield: Or, The Crawford Affair, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy (4th), Sep-09
Bell, Ted Tsar, Non-series, Jun-09
Bentley, Jennie Spackled and Spooked, Avery Baker, Do-It-Yourself (2nd), Aug-09
Berenson, Laurien Doggie Day Care Murder, Melanie Travis (15th), Aug-09
Bernhardt, William Nemesis: The Final Case of Eliot Ness, Eliot Ness (1st), Sep-09
Berry, Steve The Charlemagne Pursuit, Cotton Malone (4th), Nov-09
Billingham, Mark In the Dark, Non-series, Oct-09
Black, Lisa Takeover, Non-series, Jul-09
Black, Michael A. Hostile Takeovers, Non-series, Aug-09
Blackwell, Juliet Secondhand Spirits, Lily Ivory, Witchcraft (1st), Jul-09
Blair, Annette Larceny and Lace, Vintage Magic (2nd), Aug-09
Bledsoe, Alex The Sword-Edged Blonde, Non-series, Jun-09
Block, Lawrence Hit and Run, Keller (4th), Jul-09
Bowen, Rhys A Royal Pain, Royal Spyness (2nd), Jul-09
Box, C. J. Three Weeks to Say Goodbye, Non-Series, Nov-09
Braunbeck, Gary A. Far Dark Fields, Non-series, Jul-09
Brennan, Allison Cutting Edge, Sacramento FBI Trilogy (3rd), Jul-09
Brown, Dale Whiplash, Dreamland (11th), Nov-09
Brown, Rita Mae Santa Clawed, Mrs. Murphy (17th), Nov-09
Brown, Sandra Smoke Screen, Non-series, Jul-09
Butcher, Shannon K. Love You to Death, Non-series, Oct-09
Cain, Chelsea Sweetheart, Archie Sheridan (2nd), Sep-09
Caine, Leslie Holly and Homicide, Domestic Bliss (7th), Oct-09
Caldwell, Laura Red Blooded Murder, Izzy McNeil (2nd), Jul-09
Caldwell, Laura Red, White & Dead, Izzy McNeil (3rd), Aug-09
Caldwell, Laura Red Hot Lies, Non-series, Jun-09
Cannell, Stephen J. At First Sight, Non-series, Jun-09
Carey, Mike Vicious Circle, Felix Castor (2nd), Jul-09
Carl, JoAnna The Chocolate Snowman Murders, Chocoholic with Lee McKinney (8th), Oct-09
Carmon, Haggai Triangle of Deception, Dan Gordon (4th), Oct-09
Carroll, Margaret A Dark Love, Non-series, Sep-09
Carroll, Margaret Riptide, Non-series, Oct-09
Casey, Elizabeth Lynn Sew Deadly, Tori Sinclair, Southern Sewing Circle (1st), Aug-09
Causey, Toni McGee When a Man Loves a Weapon, Bobbie Faye (5th), Aug-09
Chercover, Sean Trigger City, Ray Dudgeon (2nd), Sep-09
Child, Lee One Shot, Jack Reacher (9th), Oct-09
Childs, Laura Death Swatch, Scrapbooking with Carmela Bertrans (6th), Oct-09
Christopher, Paul The Sword of the Templars, Non-series, Jul-09
Clark, Mary Higgins While My Pretty One Sleeps, Non-series, Aug-09
Clark, Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Dashing Through the Snow, Christmas Holiday (5th), Oct-09
Clark, Mary Jane It Only Takes a Moment, Sunrise Suspense Society (2nd), Aug-09
Clark, Simon Ghost Monster, Non-Series, Nov-09
Coben, Harlan Back Spin, Myron Bolitar (4th), Aug-09
Coben, Harlan One False Move, Myron Bolitar (5th), Aug-09
Coben, Harlan Tell No One, Non-series, Aug-09
Coel, Margaret Blood Memory, Wind River (14th), Sep-09
Coffey, Jan Blind Eye, Non-series, Sep-09
Coleman, Rebecca Desperado City, Non-series, Aug-09
Collins, Max Allan Quarry in the Middle, Quarry (8th), Oct-09
Connealy, Mary Nosy in Nebraska, Maxie Mouse (novellas), Jun-09
Connelly, Michael The Brass Verdict, Harry Bosch (14th), Sep-09
Connolly, Sheila Rotten to the Core, Meg Corey, Orchard (2nd), Jul-09
Connor, Beverly Dust to Dust, Diane Fallon (7th), Aug-09
Cook, Robin Foreign Body, Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery (8th), Jul-09
Coonts, Stephen The Assassin, Tommy Carmellini (3rd), Aug-09
Copp, Rick Fingerprints and Facelifts, L.A. Dolls (1st), Jul-09
Cornwell, Patricia Scarpetta, Kay Scarpetta (16th), Aug-09
Cornwell, Patricia All That Remains, Non-series, Jun-09
Cortez, Donn CSI: The Killing Jar, CSI (1st), Nov-09
Coulter, Catherine TailSpin, FBI Suspense (12th), Jul-09
Coyle, Cleo Espresso Shot, Coffeehouse with Clare Cosi (7th), Oct-09
Coyle, Harold Vulcan's Fire, Strategic Solutions (4th), Nov-09
Crawford, Isis A Catered Halloween, Bernie and Libby Simmons, Murder with Recipes (5th), Sep-09
Crombie, Deborah Where Memories Lie, Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James (12th), Jul-09
Crosby, Ellen The Bordeaux Betrayal, Lucie Montgomery, Wine Country (3rd), Jul-09
Culhane, Patrick Red Sky in Morning, Non-series, Aug-09
Cussler, Clive Sahara, Dirk Pitt (11th), Jun-09
Daheim, Mary Vi Agra Falls, Judith McMonigle Flynn, Bed-and-Breakfast (24th), Aug-09
Daniels, Casey Dead Man Talking, Pepper Martin (5th), Oct-09
Davidson, Eileen Dial Emmy For Murder, Non-series, Jun-09
Davis, Krista The Diva Takes the Cake, Non-series, Jun-09
Deaver, Jeffery The Bodies Left Behind, Non-series, Aug-09
Deaver, Jeffery The Lesson of Her Death, Non-series, Oct-09
Deaver, Jeffery Mistress of Justice, Non-series, Oct-09
DeFelice, Jim Leopards Kill, Non-Series, Nov-09
DeFelice, Jim and Richard Marcinko Rogue Warrior: Dictator's Ransom, Rogue Warrior (12th), Sep-09
Deleon, Jana Mischief in Mudbug, Maryse Robicheaux, Ghost-in-Law (2nd), Sep-09
DeMille, Nelson The Gate House, John Sutter (2nd), Nov-09
Dent, Lester Honey in his Mouth, Non-series, Sep-09
Doogan, Mike Skeleton Lake, Nik Kane (3rd), Aug-09
Doss, James D. Snake Dreams, Charlie Moon (13th), Sep-09
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Sapphire Slipper, Non-series, Jun-09
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan The Valley of Fear, Sherlock Holmes, Nov-09
Dunbar, Robert The Shore, Non-series, Jun-09
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Scone Cold Dead, Liss MacCrimmon (2nd), Aug-09
Elkins, Aaron Uneasy Relations, Gideon Oliver (15th), Aug-09
Ellis, Kate Seeking the Dead, Joe Plantagenet (1st), Oct-09
Ellis, Kate The Armada Boy, Wesley Peterson (2nd), Jun-09
Evanovich, Janet Fearless Fourteen, Non-series, Jun-09
Evans, Christy Sink Trap, Georgiana Neverall (1st), Oct-09
Everson, John The 13th, Non-series, Oct-09
Fairstein, Linda Lethal Legacy, Alex Cooper (11th), Nov-09
Fenton, Margaret Little Lamb Lost, Non-series, Jun-09
Flynn, Vince Extreme Measures, Mitch Rapp (9th), Aug-09
Flynn, Vince Separation of Power, Non-series, Jun-09
Ford, Clyde W. Precious Cargo, Non-series, Jun-09
Fox, Kathryn Bloodborn, Non-series, Oct-09
Francis, Dick and Felix Francis Silks, Non-series, Aug-09
Frey, Stephen Forced Out, Non-series, Jul-09
Gagliani, W. D. Wolf's Gambit, Nick Lupo (2nd), Sep-09
Gagnon, Michelle The Gatekeeper, Kelly Jones (3rd), Nov-09
Gardiner, Meg The Dirty Secrets Club, Non-series, Jun-09
Gardner, Lisa The Perfect Husband, Non-series, Oct-09
Garwood, Julie Killjoy, Buchanan Family (3rd), Oct-09
Gaylin, Alison Heartless, Non-series, Sep-09
Gerritsen, Tess The Keepsake, Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles (7th), Aug-09
Giarratano, Leah Vodka Doesn't Freeze, Non-Series, Nov-09
Gilstrap, John No Mercy, Non-series, Jul-09
Gorman, Ed The Midnight Room, Non-series, Jun-09
Grace, Margaret Mourning In Miniature, Miniature with Geraldine Porter (4th), Oct-09
Grafton, Sue "K" is for Killer, Kinsey Millhone (11th), Nov-09
Grafton, Sue "L" is for Lawless, Kinsey Millhone (12th), Nov-09
Graham, C. S. The Solomon Effect, Jax Alexander (2nd), Oct-09
Graham, Heather Unhallowed Ground, Harrison Investigation (7th), Sep-09
Graves, Sarah A Face at the Window, Home Repair is Homicide (12th), Nov-09
Greaney, Mark The Gray Man, Non-series, Sep-09
Greeley, Andrew M. The Archbishop in Andalusia, Father Blackie Ryan (17th), Sep-09
Grisham, John A Time to Kill, Non-series, Jun-09
Grisham, John The Firm, Non-series, Aug-09
Grisham, John The Associate, Non-series, Sep-09
Grisham, John The Partner, Non-series, Oct-09
Gustainis, Justin Evil Ways, Quincey Morris (2nd), Nov-09
Haig, Brian Man in the Middle, Sean Drummond (6th), Aug-09
Haines, Carolyn Wishbones, Non-series, Jun-09
Halliday, Gemma Scandal Sheet, Hollywood Headlines (1st), Oct-09
Harper, Tom The Lost Temple, Non-series, Sep-09
Harris, C. S. Where Serpents Sleep, Sebastian St. Cyr (4th), Nov-09
Harris, Charlaine Poppy Done to Death, Aurora Teagarden (8th), Jul-09
Hart, Carolyn Ghost at Work, Bailey Ruth (1st), Nov-09
Hayder, Mo Ritual, Jack Caffery (3rd), Sep-09
Hess, Joan Closely Akin to Murder, Claire Malloy (11th), Sep-09
Higgins, Jack Rough Justice, Sean Dillon (15th), Jul-09
Hill, Reginald The Price of Butcher's Meat, Dalziel and Pascoe (23rd), Nov-09
Hillerman, Tony A Thief of Time, Non-series, Jun-09
Hoag, Tami Guilty as Sin, Deer Lake (2nd), Oct-09
Hoag, Tami Ashes to Ashes, Kovac and Liska (1st), Jun-09
Howard, Linda Kiss Me While I Sleep, John Medina (3rd), Oct-09
Howell, Dorothy Handbags and Homicide, Non-series, Jun-09
Hunt, Gabriel Hunt at World's End, Gabriel Hunt (3rd), Oct-09
Hunter, Stephen Night of Thunder, Bob Lee Swagger (5th), Sep-09
Huston, James Balance of Power, Non-series, Jun-09
Hyatt, Elise Dipped, Stripped, and Dead, Daring Finds with Candyce Daring (1st), Oct-09
Jackson, Lisa Chosen To Die, To Die Trilogy (2nd), Aug-09
Jacobson, Alan The 7th Victim, Non-series, Aug-09
James, Allyson and others Hot for the Holidays, Non-series, Sep-09
James, Steven The Pawn, Patrick Bowers (1st), Aug-09
James, Steven The Pawn, Patrick Bowers (1st), Sep-09
Jance, J. A. Cruel Intent, Ali Reynolds (4th), Nov-09
Jance, J. A. Desert Heat, Joanna Brady (1st), Jul-09
Jance, J. A. Tombstone Courage, Joanna Brady (2nd), Jul-09
Jance, J. A. Shoot Don't Shoot, Joanna Brady (3rd), Jul-09
Jance, J. A. Dead to Rights, Joanna Brady (4th), Jul-09
Jance, J. A. Damage Control, Joanna Brady (13th), Jul-09
Johansen, Iris Deadlock, Non-series, Oct-09
Johansen, Iris and Roy Johansen Silent Thunder, Non-series, Jul-09
Johnson, Keith Lee Hell Has No Fury, Non-series, Jun-09
Johnston, Joan A Stranger's Game, Bitter Creek (7th), Jul-09
Kava, Alex Exposed, Maggie O'Dell (6th), Aug-09
Keene, Brian Urban Gothic, Non-series, Jul-09
Kellan, Bill Rogue War, Strikemasters (2nd), Sep-09
Kellerman, Faye The Mercedes Coffin, Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus (17th), Aug-09
Kellerman, Jonathan The Clinic, Alex Delaware (11th), Oct-09
Kellerman, Jonathan True Detectives, Moses Reed and Aaron Fox (1st), Sep-09
Kenyon, Nate The Bone Factory, Non-series, Jun-09
Keyes, Daniel The Asylum Prophecies, Non-series, Sep-09
Killian, Diana Dial Om for Murder, Mantra for Murder (2nd), Nov-09
Kingsbury, Kate Ringing In Murder, Pennyfoot Hotel (16th), Nov-09
Knight, Bernard The Manor of Death, Crowner John (12th), Jun-09
Koontz, Dean Demon Seed, Non-series, Aug-09
Koontz, Dean The Face, Non-series, Sep-09
Koontz, Dean Your Heart Belongs to Me, Non-series, Oct-09
Koryta, Michael Envy the Night, Non-series, Aug-09
Kuzneski, Chris The Plantation, Jonathon Payne and David Jones (1st), Jul-09
Ladd, Linda Enter Evil, Non-series, Aug-09
Lamb, John J. The Treacherous Teddy, Ashleigh and Bradley Lyon, Bear Collectors (5th), Sep-09
Lamb, Joyce Cold Midnight, Non-series, Aug-09
Lamberson, Gregory Personal Demons, Non-series, Oct-09
Larsen, Craig Mania, Non-Series, Nov-09
Lashner, William Blood and Bone, Non-Series, Nov-09
Laurie, Victoria Doom with a View, Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye (7th), Sep-09
Lavene, Joyce and Jim Ghastly Glass, Jessie Morton, Renaissance Faire (2nd), Sep-09
Lawrence, Lucy Stuck on Murder, Brenna Miller, Decoupage (1st), Sep-09
Lawson, Mike House Rules, Joe DeMarco (3rd), Jul-09
Laymon, Richard Flesh, Non-series, Aug-09
Lee, Edward The Black Train, Non-series, Oct-09
Lehane, Dennis Shutter Island, Non-series, Sep-09
Leigh, Lora Heat Seeker, Elite Ops (3rd), Sep-09
Lerner, Edward M. Fools' Experiments, Non-series, Sep-09
Lilley, Kathryn Makeovers Can Be Murder, Kate Gallagher, Fat City (3rd), Sep-09
Lindsay, Jeff Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Dexter Morgan (1st), Aug-09
Lowe, Sheila Dead Write, Claudia Rose (3rd), Aug-09
Ludlum, Robert The Prometheus Deception, Non-series, Aug-09
Lustbader, Eric Van First Daughter, Non-series, Sep-09
Lutz, John Urge To Kill, Non-series, Oct-09
Lyons, C. J. Urgent Care, Angels of Mercy (3rd), Oct-09
Mariotte, Jeff Brass in Pocket, CSI Tie-in (2nd), Aug-09
Maron, Margaret Death's Half Acre, Deborah Knott (14th), Jul-09
Martin, P. D. Fan Mail, Sophie Anderson (3rd), Jul-09
Martin, P. D. The Killing Hands, Sophie Anderson (4th), Nov-09
Massey, Brandon Cornered, Non-series, Aug-09
Mayor, Archer The Catch, Joe Gunther (19th), Sep-09
McCoy, Judi Heir of the Dog, Ellie Engleman, Dog Walker (2nd), Oct-09
McFadyen, Cody The Darker Side, Smoky Barrett (3rd), Sep-09
McGee, Chaz Desolate Angel, Kevin Fahey, Dead Detective (1st), Jul-09
McKenna, Shannon Edge of Midnight, McCloud Brothers (4th), Jul-09
Melton, Marliss Show No Fear, Navy SEAL (7th), Sep-09
Meltzer, Brad The Tenth Justice, Non-series, Sep-09
Mentink, Dana California Capers, Finny (novellas), Jun-09
Michaels, David Conviction, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (5th), Nov-09
Michaels, Fern Under the Radar, Sisterhood (13th), Jun-09
Michaels, Fern Razor Sharp, Sisterhood (14th), Oct-09
Michaels, Kasey Bowled Over, Maggie Kelly (6th), Jul-09
Mofina, Rick Vengeance Road, Non-series, Sep-09
Montanari, Richard Badlands, Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano (4th), Aug-09
Morgan, Kaye Killer Sudoku, Liza Kelly (4th), Jul-09
Muller, Marcia Burn Out, Sharon McCone (26th), Oct-09
Myers, Tamar Poison Ivory, Non-series, Jun-09
Napier, Bill The Furies, Non-series, Sep-09
Nash, Joy and others Santa, Honey, Non-series, Sep-09
Naughton, Elisabeth Stolen Heat, Stolen Trilogy (2nd), Jul-09
Neggers, Carla Cold River, Black Falls (2nd), Nov-09
O'Connell, Carol Bone By Bone, Non-Series, Nov-09
Olson, Karen E. The Missing Ink, Brett Kavanaugh, Tattoo Shop (1st), Jul-09
Orgain, Diana Bundle of Trouble, Kate Connolly, Maternal Instincts (1st), Aug-09
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Show No Fear, Nina Reilly (12th), Oct-09
Oust, Gail Whack 'N' Roll, Kate McCall (1st), Aug-09
Page, Norvell W. The Spider: City of Doom, Non-series, Jul-09
Parker, Robert B. Passport to Peril, Non-series, Jun-09
Parker, Robert B. Rough Weather, Spenser (36th), Sep-09
Parrish, Leslie Fade to Black, Black CATs (1st), Jul-09
Parrish, Leslie Pitch Black, Black CATs (2nd), Aug-09
Parrish, Leslie Black at Heart, Black CATs (3rd), Sep-09
Patterson, James Cross Country, Alex Cross (14th), Oct-09
Patterson, James The Quickie, Non-series, Aug-09
Patterson, Richard North Eclipse, Non-series, Sep-09
Penny, Louise A Rule Against Murder, Armand Gamache (4th), Sep-09
Perez, Henry Killing Red, Non-series, Jun-09
Perry, Thomas Silence, Non-series, Jun-09
Peters, Elizabeth The Laughter of Dead Kings, Vicky Bliss (6th), Oct-09
Piccirilli, Tom Shadow Season, Non-series, Oct-09
Pinborough, Sarah Feeding Ground, Non-series, Sep-09
Pinter, Jason The Fury, Henry Parker (4th), Oct-09
Pollero, Rhonda Knock 'Em Dead, Finley Anderson Tanner (2nd), Jul-09
Pollero, Rhonda Fat Chance, Finley Anderson Tanner (3rd), Nov-09
Porkpie, Jonny The Corpse Wore Pasties, Non-Series, Nov-09
Purser, Ann Warning at One, Lois Meade (8th), Nov-09
Rabe, Peter Stop This Man!, Non-series, Jul-09
Rabkin, William Mind Over Magic, Psych (2nd), Jul-09
Rayne, Sarah A Dark Dividing, Non-series, Jun-09
Reichs, Kathy Devil Bones, Non-series, Jun-09
Rench, Amy Fallen Rogue, Non-Series, Nov-09
Ringo, John The Last Centurion, Non-series, Aug-09
Robb, J. D. Promises in Death, Eve Dallas, "In Death" (34th), Jul-09
Robb, J. D. Salvation in Death, In Death (33rd), Jun-09
Robbins, David Thief River Falls Run, Endworld (2nd), Sep-09
Robbins, Harold and Junius Podrug The Deceivers, Non-series, Aug-09
Robinson, Spider Very Hard Choices, Russell Walker (2nd), Aug-09
Rocha, Luís Miguel The Last Pope, Non-series, Jul-09
Rose, Karen Kill for Me, Daniel Vartanian (3rd), Jul-09
Rosenfelt, David Open and Shut, Andy Carpenter (1st), Aug-09
Rosenfelt, David First Degree, Andy Carpenter (2nd), Aug-09
Rosenfelt, David Play Dead, Andy Carpenter (6th), Aug-09
Rosenfelt, David Don't Tell a Soul, Non-series, Sep-09
Ruttan, Sandra Lullaby for the Nameless, Nolan, Hart, and Tain (3rd), Nov-09
Sakey, Marcus Good People, Non-series, Aug-09
Sandford, John Winter Prey, Lucas Davenport (3rd), Nov-09
Sandford, John Heat Lightning, Virgil Flowers (2nd), Oct-09
Saul, John Faces of Fear, Non-series, Jul-09
Sawyer, Robert J. Flashforward, Non-series, Sep-09
Sefton, Maggie Fleece Navidad, Knitting (6th), Nov-09
Sefton, Maggie Dyer Consequences, Non-series, Jun-09
Sharp, Zoe Third Strike, Charlie Fox (7th), Nov-09
Sheehan, James The Law of Second Chances, Jack Tobin (2nd), Sep-09
Shuman, George D. Lost Girls, Non-series, Jun-09
Silva, Daniel Moscow Rules, Non-series, Jun-09
Smiley, Patricia Cool Cache, Non-series, Jun-09
Smith, Bryan Depraved, Non-series, Sep-09
Smith, Wilbur The Dark of the Sun, Non-series, Aug-09
Sorenson, Jill Set the Dark on Fire, Non-series, Aug-09
Spindler, Erica See Jane Die, Stacy Killian (1st), Nov-09
Stewart, Mariah Acts of Mercy, Mercy Street (3rd), Aug-09
Sullivan, Eugene The Report to the Judiciary, Non-series, Aug-09
Swain, James The Night Stalker, Non-series, Jul-09
Tata, A. J. Sudden Threat, Threat Thriller (1st), Oct-09
Teller, Joseph Depraved Indifference, Jaywalker (3rd), Nov-09
Thayer, Terri Inked Up, April Buchert, Stamping Sisters (2nd), Aug-09
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Bank Street, Non-series, Jun-09
Tonkin, Peter The Fire Ship, Richard Mariner (2nd), Jul-09
Vaughan, Robert and Paul Block Armor of God, Father Michael Flannery (2nd), Sep-09
Viets, Elaine The Fashion Hound Murders, Josie Marcus (5th), Nov-09
Walsh, Michael Hostile Intent, Non-series, Sep-09
Washburn, Livia J. Frankly My Dear, I'm Dead, Delilah Dickenson (1st), Oct-09
Washburn, Livia J. The Christmas Cookie Killer, Fresh Baked (3rd), Nov-09
Watson, Wendy Lyn I Scream, You Scream, Tallulah Jones (1st), Oct-09
Webb, Peggy Elvis and The Dearly Departed, Southern Cousins (2nd), Sep-09
Weldon, Phaedra Spectre, Zoe Martinique (2nd), Sep-09
White, Stephen Dead Time, Alan Gregory (16th), Aug-09
White, Wrath James The Resurrectionist, Non-Series, Nov-09
Wilhelm, Kate Cold Case, Barbara Holloway (11th), Aug-09
Wilson, F. Paul By the Sword, Repairman Jack (12th), Aug-09
Wolfe, Liz Let Sleeping Dogs Die, Skye Donovan (2nd), Aug-09
Woods, Stuart Loitering With Intent, Stone Barrington (15th), Nov-09
Woods, Stuart Deep Lie, Will Lee (3rd), Aug-09
Woods, Stuart Mounting Fears, Will Lee (7th), Sep-09